August is the perfect time for some East Litchfield Baseball!

Here’s our Team:

East Litchfield Baseball Team, 1918




Bottom Row:  Otto Iffland, Harold Iffland, Rosewell Scoville

Middle Row:  Martin Iffland, Steve Naser

Top Row:  Wallace Scoville, Clayton Miller, Peter Naser, Steve Lynch


(Janet Rebmann Healy Collection; thanks also to Eileen Schmidt)


East Litchfield Railway Depot

The Naugatuck Valley Railroad came to East Litchfield in 1849. The connection to the Naugatuck Railroad improved the potential as a tourist destination by providing the first direct passenger service to the town. The Scoville Hotel was conveniently located just a few yards away, and livery service was available to Litchfield village. In 1888, the station was taken over by the New York, New Haven and Hartford line.

The East Litchfield Village Improvement Society has access to many wonderful old photos and records of the station’s history, thanks to the Litchfield Historical Society and to Eileen Schmidt who has endeavored to collect period postcards and photos.

Here are just a few:



Postcard from 1908, perhaps take earlier. (Eileen Schmidt collection)


Looking north. The road on the left crossed the tracks and continued to the bridge over the Naugatuck River into Harwinton.



The house on the left is the Johnson house on Johnson Road. (Roger Plaskett collection.)


Standing by the depot with the hotel in the background. (Litchfield Historical Society collection)


Steam train at the station. (Litchfield Historical Society)


Bear Season

As we all know spring is here and so are the bears!  They have been around for a few weeks now as most of us can attest.  If you are like me you are not ready to stop feeding the birds.   If that is the case I highly recommend bringing in your feeders at night.  At the very least put just enough food in them so they are empty by evening.   Eventually the regulars will get wise to you and start “popping by” late morning when the feeder is nice an full.   Probably time to bring them in permanently at that point.   Happy Bear and Bird Watching